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The Benefits of Illumination
- "if it's LIT it's LIVE!"

The LED illumination of the panic alarm dado rail is not just for decoration. As well as helping to identify the location of the activation area, there are other positive advantages with alarm strip illumination giving feedback to staff, visitors and security personnel:–

 Crona safe-zone illuminated affray strip

LED on and Constant - confirmation that the panic alarm dado rail is 'live'

  • Reassuring to staff and public that the zone is covered by the panic and affray alarm system if they need it
  • Confirmation to security staff that the system is fault-free and the end-of-line check for continuity is working

LED on and Flashing - alarm rail switch activated

  • Confirmation that a signal has been sent to security that an incident has occurred requiring immediate attention
  • Confirmation to others in the entire zone that an incident has occurred
  • Perpetrator(s) realise that security are attending and cease or risk arrest

LED off - alarm rail fault

  • Security personnel know to check the system for breaks or power failure
  • Staff and visitors aware that the route is now not covered by the alarm system and can inform security immediately

Crona Safe-zone alarm strip can be integrated easily into existing electronic alarm and monitoring systems.

Subject to third-party compatibility, Safe-zone can be programmed for a variety of actions

  • Fully illuminated – shows the strip is functioning and on standby
  • Lights flash (can be programmed in up to 7 ways) on activation – help is on its way
  • Audible alarm – both/or local and remote
  • Silent Alarm
  • On–screen notifications
  • Can be integrated to video/audio recording