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Original Cronapress

Cronapress original was designed as a bus bell for public transport in the late 1940’s, however it has been adapted for use in the custody market and has been the market leader for many years now.

It is a familiar sight in most police stations, courts and prisons throughout the UK.

cronapress bell push signal strip

CB Applications

Police Custody

  • Interview rooms
  • Doctors room
  • The custody bridge
  • Corridors
  • Outside cells
  • Finger print room


  • Interview rooms
  • Doctors room
  • Visitor search reception
  • Visitor rooms


  • Interview rooms
  • Outside cells
  • Transition areas to courts

B Applications


  • Relative rooms
  • A&E
  • Corridors
  • Ambulances

Shops and Banks

  • Cash office
  • Cash desk
  • Counters

Cronapress Original has two main applications and designs.

CB – the affray strip

This is an aluminium base with an inlayed rubber and brass strip running the length of it. It is available in either black or red* insert and can be treated with an anti microbial powder which fights all known super bugs for the life of the strip. It has a highly sensitive activation zone to be used in affray situations when assistance is required urgently.

This product is used in police interview rooms and custody suites, courts and prisons throughout the UK.

All UK ambulances are fitted with our anti microbial strip to ensure ambulance personal safety.

B – the assistance call strip.cronapress original colours

An aluminium strip with a black or red* insert very similar to our CB strip.

The main difference being it is used in nurse call and assisted toilets where assistance may be required. It has a shielded contact zone unlike CB, and can be activated in a non emergency situation.

*other colours are available on request

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