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Safe-zone System Components

The Crona Safe-zone System has been designed to be installed and maintained with minimal component parts, simple methods with maximum flexibility

Safe-zone Base Strip Available in lengths of up to 15m
Bright Aluminium
Satin Aluminium
Black Aluminium
Safe-zone Insert Strip
Available in blue, red, green and yellow
Safe-zone Insert Strip
- shown with LEDs fitted
End Cap
Wired or unwired
Universal Connector
LED Strip
Available separately
PCB controller for single zone, 12v 2amp rated:
Monitors for 1.2k end of line resistor and then outputs LED circuit. On failure to see EOL, outputs fault and extinguishes LED circuit. On strip activation outputs alarm and pulses LED circuit. Reset required.
Your application will be unique so please get in touch and we will help to put together the appropriate system.